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CIF: J-92335330

C/ Marqués de Salamanca, 3, 2º A, 29620, Torremolinos, Málaga, España

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Phone: (+34) 952 38 06 87



The terms and conditions of use for users accessing this website are set out below. By accessing and using this site, you agree to full acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth herein. 

STÍLOGO operates this website in order to offer services and content related with its activities.  The services and content may be added to, eliminated or modified without prior notice at the administrators’ discretion. Access to STILOGO Website is free and the user undertakes to use the site in compliance with the law, morals, good practice and public order. The user will therefore not use this site or its contents for unlawful or commercial purposes that are contrary to the rights and interests of STÍLOGO or third parties or that may in any way saturate, damage or render the website inoperative.

STÍLOGO reserves the right to modify or update these conditions of use or the privacy policy without prior notice. In such case, changes will be made public before being put into practice and the user should therefore read these terms of use periodically. Use of STÍLOGO services once such changes have been communicated implies acceptance by the user of said changes.



STÍLOGO owns the domains and, and has registered both the brand name and logo with the Spanish Patent and Trade Mark Office, with a favourable decision granted on 11th September 2003 and a corresponding entry in the BOPI on 16th October 2003, page 27998, left column. The website is also entered in the Spanish Intellectual Property Registry, and the totality of its design, structure, texts, logos and images are the property of STÍLOGO.

The user may view, print and store elements of the STÍLOGO website on the hard disk of a computer or any other physical support as long as it is for exclusively personal and private use; it is therefore completely forbidden to transform, distribute, publicly communicate or in any other way use the content of this site for commercial or profit-making purposes or to manipulate, modify or alter the content without explicit prior written consent from the administrators of STÍLOGO.  

STÍLOGO takes no responsibility for third party copyrights that may be infringed by a user.



STÍLOGO website provides links that allow users to access external third party websites. STÍLOGO does not offer the products or services that are available on linked websites either itself or via third parties, nor does it control, monitor or necessarily approve of the products, services or any other material offered on such sites. STÍLOGO is consequently not responsible for any information that may be found outside the STÍLOGO website and the content of third party websites is not directly or indirectly managed by the administrators of STÍLOGO.   

Links to external websites are provided solely with the aim of informing about the existence of other sources of information to be found on Internet and the links are neither an invitation nor a recommendation to visit third party websites. STÍLOGO is not responsible for the privacy practices of the web pages whose links may be found on this site and therefore the user should read the privacy policies of linked sites when visiting them. In addition, we inform you that when a link to a third party site is used, you leave the STÍLOGO web domain and are subject to the terms of use and privacy policy applicable to the third party website. 

STÍLOGO will suppress any broken links or any link that leads to inappropriate, partial or false information on the part of the linked website without prior notification. Continuance of a link on the STÍLOGO website depends on the interest or continued relevance (in the case of frequently updated information) that the linked content may have for users of STÍLOGO insofar as the information is related with the content or services offered by STÍLOGO. 

STÍLOGO reserves the right to withdraw the permission given to be linked from another website at any time, and the company, the administrator or the person responsible for the website in question will be required to eliminate the link in a period no greater than 72 hours from STÍLOGO’s request to desist with the link. 

Any page linking to the STÍLOGO website must do so via hyperlinks and may in no case reproduce pages of the STÍLOGO website. Likewise, the page that links to the STÍLOGO website must not imply that STÍLOGO approves of, accepts or has any responsibility for the content or services offered on said page, and there must be no ambiguity regarding a possible contractual or working relationship with STÍLOGO.  


STÍLOGO makes no guarantee and takes no responsibility under any circumstances for any damages derived from:

a) the lack of availability or continuity of this website, or its working without problems, technical difficulties or problems of any other kind;

b) the presence or transmission of computer viruses or malware on the net, especially in the case of user equipment being damaged as a consequence of accessing, use or examination of this website; 

c) any offence or breach of contract of any type occasioned by third parties that the user has accessed via STÍLOGO website and any infringements, negligence or illegality that may arise from such actions in matters regarding patent rights or copyright, confidential business information or contractual commitments, or to third party privacy, honour, image or property rights among others.

d) the reception, obtaining, storage, transmission or dissemination of the content by users; 

e) carrying out unfair competition or unlawful publicity as a consequence of services rendered by third parties via the STÍLOGO website. 


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